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Hotel strategy to differentiate your hotel

How does my hotel stand out amongst the competition? Improve your hotel strategy.

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The hotel market does not stop growing. The framework of the sector is expanding to the where establishments are now adapted to practically any taste and experience that the traveller desires. In this framework, it is impossible not to think about a hotel strategy that positions your hotel in the mind of the tourist and makes it stand out from its competition.

There are many diverse strategies to follow to achieve this differentiation and positioning in the market.

Targeted products

All your actions should be directed to your target – your potential guests. If your hotel is a family establishment, your target will therefore be tourists who travel with their children.
It would not make sense if you were to sell a product of these characteristics but were promoting your content in social networks where this target is not active. Or alternatively if you were to offer the wrong content, such as an offer for only two. It is important that your message is clear and where you choose to promote is correct.
Creating products aimed at your target is an advantage that your hotel can take to excel in the market. For example, a children’s club or a game room for young people is a product aimed at a very specific audience. If your audience is a family, they will be able to identify with your hotel and will see you as the perfect choice for their vacation.

Connected hotels, an unbreakable norm

Tourists will want to feel connected, even if they are not in the city that they live in. For this reason, it is essential that you offer free WIFI throughout the hotel. This is not only a service that your customers require, but you are also offering them the opportunity to share their experience at your hotel with others!
It is therefore important that you have well-maintained, accessible and perfectly documented profiles on social networks so that tourists can locate you easily. In addition, social networks are a great method to talk about your destination and what the advantages of staying at your hotel are.

Sell unique experiences to the right customer at the right time

Emotions sell more than the products themselves. Who doesn’t want to be that person lying on the beach with an impressive clear blue horizon before their eyes?
This sensation is what you should sell to your potential guests and to position yourself more than just an accommodation with breakfast at a set price. You must sell to your audience how they will feel in your hotel and in that destination. Do not be afraid to talk about your advantages. It is this information that your guest will inevitably need and what better than to offer it yourself?
At this point it is necessary to talk about the segmentation of your database. Of course, even if you address a specific audience, each client is special and will want to feel unique. That is why you must segment your database to the maximum: according to country, language, age, type of traveller etc.
It is also important that you propose to each customer an offer that they cannot refuse. Launch your campaign to the appropriate target, at the right time and, very importantly, through the correct channels. A CRM should allow you to create accurate divisions of your database and ultimately allow you toanalyse the results of your campaigns. Do not leave anything to chance!

Loyalty program. Reward your repeat clients.

If a client decides to repeat a stay at your hotel, do they not deserve a reward? Your loyal customers are your best promoters and therefore having a loyalty program adapted to your audience is a perfect option to reward repeat customers. They could work for points that could be accumulated over time and then be exchanged for free stays or services.

With a loyalty program you will get your customers to want to be part of your hotel and they will feel closer to your brand.

Lastly, huge emphasis it put on the importance of having your own website and a reservation engine optimised for any tablet or device. In 2018, mobile searches surpassed those of the desktop and for that reason it is imperative that you facilitate the online purchase of your product. A mobile web is ideal, although you can also work with a responsive website.