Three success stories of hotel management by FERGUS Hotels

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There is no one better than the hoteliers themselves currently working with FERGUS Hotels to explain their experience in the assignment of the management of the management of tourist establishments. We listen to you in these interviews.

Pedro Pujol, proprietor of Hotel FERGUS Tobago ***

“Beyond the numerical expectations, what I am tremendously satisfied is with the closeness of both the property of FERGUS and the management team.”

Guillem Cabot, representative of the property of Hotel FERGUS Style Pollens Park SPA***

“In the future I see Hotel Pollensa Park as a hotel leader, strengthened and very profitable. We have seen the management professionalised and have been able to benefit from the advantages of belonging to a hotel chain.”

Alejandro Coll, Director of Expansion at FERGUS Hotels

“At FERGUS Hotels we work with companies that are modern, dynamic, flexible and that know how to adapt to the needs of both the market and our customers.”