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Hotel consultancy

When and why have an external hotel consultancy?

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A hotel consultant will adopt different roles in each of the projects that assign to them. In some cases, the consultant will have to position itself as a facilitator of an issue that needs an external vision or, at other times, will have to bring out its most technological skills in regards to hotel management.In the first contact with a hotel consultancy, the consultant must present themselves as an expert, clarifying and settingobjectives, discovering what the hotel’sproblem is and subsequently offering help and resources to correct them.

Why have a hotel consultancy?

It is usual for the owner or the representative of a tourist establishment to hire a hotel consultancy to achieve its objectives and improve its profitability. These establishments tend to be independent and often have fewer logistical resources and so there is essentially a need to hire a consultant if it feels that its business is becoming obsolete amongst its competition. For example, if you do not have the knowledge to automate some of your task, you are therefore in a technological position behind thecompetition Another reason to hire a consultant is if the hotel feels that it is not optimising their time efficiently.
Often some establishments cannot independently follow the unpredictable pace at which the tourism sector. is currently moving in. That is why there is nothing wrong with choosing to go to a hotel consultancy to improve results or even consider alternative solutions, such as transferring your business to become profitable as a hotel chain.

When to work with a hotel consultancy

At the initial stages of the business

It is not a fundamental requirement that a hotel is already in operation to opt for a consultancy. There are many cases in which a new owner is not familiar with the sector and so decides to have a point of support from the beginning.
How will a consultant help you in these cases? It will define the concept of the business, to whom it should be directed, whatcommercial strategies will be carried out and if the project is profitable or not.

A business that is already in the market but wants to improve its results

If the consultant enters at the moment when the hotel is already working, their work can be more diverse. Does the business work? Has the owner or manager decided that it is time to take the business to another level? Do you want to change the target audience and therefore require a new concept?

There are many demands to which the consultancy should adapt to in these cases.

Benefits of working with a hotel consultancy

There are many different benefits that a hotel will gain after hiring a consultant for their business. Each case is different and in the same way that actions will be adapted to for each project, the benefits will also be unique for each hotel. At a fundamental level, the most common benefits shared by the majority of cases are:

Establish objectives and business optimisation.

In both a new business and in a hotel that has been working for some time, it is possible that even if you are working well, you are not really optimising the resources and opportunities available to you. Often this happens when the objectives of the business are not clear and strategies to strengthen the objectives are not prepared.

Knowledge and experience.

One of the key benefits that a consultancy specialised in hotels has is their extensive experience, contacts and knowledge of the sector. Through this the hotelier can focus on what they are specialised in and delegate other tasks to the consultant.

Short-term solutions.

The decision to hire a hotel consultant will allow the hotelier to obtain faster solutions. There are many successful strategies and solutions that the consultant has already worked on which ensures that the consultant is abe to implement effective and immediate solutions that show results in the short and medium term.

t should be noted that hiring a hotel consultancy should not be the last resort of a business that is in a difficult situation. It is a decision that must be made prior to this. A hotel consultancy is not the lifeline for the business when their ship is sinking, but instead will make the business work better when it still has life within it.

As part of the process of incorporating new establishments in management, FERGUS Hotels carries out the tasks of a hotel consultancy in order to maximize the results of the new assets.